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creating the (ch)extraordinary (a giveaway)

March 31, 2015


Chex Giveaway

There are the big moments, calendar worthy, marked with cakes and hearts, circled, assigned with reminders—anniversaries, religious holidays, graduations, TV celebrations from the Superbowl to the Academy Awards—and then there are our every days. We strive to infuse our daily lives with light-up moments, scribbling love notes into lunch bags, or creating savory routines worthy […]

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pajamas & pearls oscar party

February 20, 2015


Oscartini Cocktail

Okay, so who’s having an Oscar’s viewing party at their home this year? Not me.* Want to know why? Because I’m still living in a rental house with crap carpeting throughout, and our furniture is still in storage, and the rest of this sentence and life is followed up with more excuses. I seldom entertain […]

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tartan thanksgiving tabletop

November 26, 2014


Tartan Thanksgiving Tabletop - hello, Dollar Tree, Target, and Michael

I have news. Phil’s pathology results have come in. Phil, typical male, got no details for me. Instead, I received his text, “Pathology back. All is fine.” That’s it. No detail about what it was, only what it wasn’t. Still, we’re very thankful for the news about his man-lump. Thank you again for your good […]

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thanksgiving planning

November 13, 2014


Stephanie Klein

This 2014 Thanksgiving season, I’ll be hosting a meal for twelve adults and six children (almost all of whom eat more than the adults)–that’s eighteen tushies in seats. Last year, we were eleven adults and four children, making 14 seats and a highchair. In 2012, we were fourteen adults and four children (18 people), and […]

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thanksgiving birth announcement

November 5, 2014


thanksgiving birth announcement

Putting aside the obvious visual imagery of trussing the legs together after removing the bloody signs of life, Thanksgiving is an awful lot like giving birth. It’s a pain you’ll always remember but also somehow forget when you consider having another one. This particular gem of an analogy came upon me last year, at the […]

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your favorite strong coffee?

February 10, 2014


Latte Art at Home

Starbucks lattes taste bitter and burnt. It’s a flavor to which I’ve become accustomed. That doesn’t make it good; it makes it familiar. But I’ve had magical coffee moments when I leave the Fourbucks coffee clutch for milkier pastures. Many years ago, I took a film class at the artsy movie theater near Lincoln Center, […]

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all dressed up – thanksgiving edition

November 18, 2013


I‘m married, so I get my thrill for variety sated in food options. I’ll never abandon the traditional stuffing of my youth: apple, sausage, celery, sage and walnuts. Sometimes golden raisins will plump up in wine or stock, that, or the nut might change to a pine nut—crazy, I know. But that’s never enough. Not […]

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thankful for do-ahead thanksgiving recipes

November 15, 2013


Thanksgiving Potluck

Over the past three days, I’ve received more than a handful of random requests for my cranberry sauce recipe, and for the Corn Pudding Pushover. Recipes included below, along with links to prior Thanksgivings, including last year’s video of how I planned a do-ahead Thanksgiving, not days in advance, but weeks! Lots of these are […]

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