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watercolor marriage support

February 17, 2015



When I showed Phil my latest watercolor painting, finally complete, his response came first from his raised eyebrows, and then from his sour mouth. “Well, I wouldn’t spend your days doing it is all I’m saying.” The subtext for those playing along at home reads: don’t quit your day job, not that you have one. […]

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the color of sick

October 7, 2014


the color of sick

The color of sick would not be green. It wouldn’t even be somewhere between yellow and green, something toxic looking or unnatural, though it might be tinged gray. On the color-wheel, I imagine it would slip into a wedge of yellow ochre, a muddied yellow, like the rotted hearts of sunflowers. I’ve been in bed […]

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“this” only scrambled

September 11, 2014



Let’s start with “this.” Now, unscramble it, and you’ll begin to understand what I’ve stepped in. So, I’m pretty sure my kids ate Sour Cream and Onion flavored potato chips for breakfast today. We’re gonna go ahead and call that two vegetables. Abigail had the wherewithal to tip her head outside and nod to the […]

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camp stephanie

April 17, 2014


Motorized Lego Merry-Go-Round

I apologize for the lack of posts; it’s not for lack of life. With the beans out of school, Camp Stephanie has been open. Between attempts at teaching them the story of Passover (Wait, you went to Jewish pre-pre-K and pre-K, and still none of this sounds familiar?), and succumbing to Disney’s the Price of […]

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the things we hang

March 5, 2014


Toy Fox Terrier Drawing by Stephanie Klein

I never understood the purpose of asking someone what her favorite color is. What does it tell us, after all? First off, no one ever says yellow. I don’t know why, but it’s true. People say blue or green, sometimes pink. That’s pretty much it. Who says orange? No one. Because orange is an inferior […]

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hippie costume party (updated w video)

February 28, 2014


Adult Costume Party 60s and 70s

I’d thought about including a bumper sticker, something like, “Bombing For Peace Is Like Fcuking For Virginity,” but then I thought, “Down the line, I might need to wear this to a classroom party or something.” A good friend of mine was having a “Hippie Groovy” birthday celebration, where we were to arrive in costume […]

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a museum of moments

December 21, 2012

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Little House On The Prairie

I took these photos of the beans this past August, at the Nassau County Museum in Roslyn, NY. It’s all of eight minutes from our house, and it’s magical. I used to go there with boyfriends in high school. Different kind of magic now. I saved the post and managed to skip posting them. I […]

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christmas in connecticut

December 15, 2012


Tartan Christmas Tree

Trimmed the tree with my beans & niece from Danbury, CT today – making memories… When spaces are missing, we try to fill them with answers, even when they’re the wrong ones, even when there aren’t any. We begin by saying, “there are no words,” then follow the silence with a muttered declaration that we […]

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