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fall cookout food

October 5, 2015


Screenshot 2015-10-05 09.53.04

Last May, our Girl Scout troop went camping for the first time as a troop. Actually, we went glamping, staying in a troop house, complete with an indoor fireplace, electricity, and a kitchen. This time, though, we’re camping in tents. No electricity, no indoor kitchen, no sink or oven. You wash all the pots, pans, […]

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October 2, 2015



I‘m obsessed with films, all of them. Even the bad ones. From them, I learn bad acting, clumsy storytelling, or poor casting. Mainly, I enjoy deconstructing the story. So, I often find myself watching a never ending stream of trailers, mostly because I enjoy the range of feelings they evoke. Off the 7 Emmy wins […]

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the emmy’s are killing me

September 20, 2015



All decked out in my pajamas and pearls, yet I nearly skipped the Emmy awards this year because I’m obsessed with watching the Netflix Original Series The Killing. Sometimes I get into a TV-rut, and I’m hungry for some new meat. Phil said The Killing was killing him with how boring it was in the […]

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what’s the best advice you were ever given?

September 9, 2015


straight up advice

“What’s the best advice you were ever given?” was the short-film assignment for the 2015 class of Team Oscar. I was totally stumped when I asked the question of myself. I couldn’t think of anything. Sure, I’m fine with doling out the advice, but to pick the best? While I have lists of what I’ve […]

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summer memories

September 8, 2015



I realize summer’s not over until the fat tanned lady sings, or until September 22, but now that school’s back in business, summer feels like a memory. And soon, my beans will need to write stories about their summer. It’s inevitable. As a writer, I resist the urge to touch their stories in any way. […]

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May 6, 2015


Magic Camp at Bryn Mawr College

I‘m a huge believer in separation between church and state. That is, I believe the pious love of camp shouldn’t touch your life at the stately institution of school. Camp friends should be separate from your school friends. A random handful of kids who happen to attend your school, sure, it’s inevitable I guess. Parents […]

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movies to see in 2015

April 27, 2015


2015 Best Films

While, yes, without apology, I’m undeniably waiting for the return of The Bachelorette on May 18, I’m also currently enjoying a new, sure to be favorite, show titled, “HAPPYish” on Showtime. Despite its mixed reviews, I feel as if this balls-out mama (Katherine Hahn) is my outspoken soul sister. We’ll see. Movies I’m looking forward […]

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showing up without panties

April 17, 2015


A Five Star Life

When my sister Lea was four-years-old she attended a wedding of our cousin and flashed the priest her vagina. Not once. It was vagina party time. Flowery dress, white¬†eyelet socks, shiny black dress shoes, hair in ribbons, and there it was, on full display, as my terribly bored sister played with the hem of her […]

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