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Whether you’re living in sunny Florida or frigid Minnesota, there’s just something magical about “cozy” this time of year. I found it to be especially true when I lived in Boca Raton, wanting, missing, needing that holiday spirit. Even if you run one of these movies in the background of your day, when you’re not even paying attention, but it’s there, on, in lieu of the radio, it’s nice to call upon “instant warm fuzzies.”

I love making Holiday movie lists! In fact, I love all of my movie posts in general. And, I adore my list of Non-Traditional Holiday films! I’m big into self-love. It’s time to add some new films to the file. Some of these films I’ve written about previously. I’ll link to them in their titles.

A Long Way Down
I read the book A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby, so I was thrilled to see that it was streaming on Netflix in a film adaptation! I haven’t seen it yet, just the first five minutes, which were very true to the book. This one is on my list, and I hope to watch it tonight!

About Time
I’ve written about this movie before. I’m a big fan. It lingers. This film reminds me a bit of Sliding Doors.

The Intouchables
I’ve written about this film a few times. Granted, it has subtitles, but may I just say, you cannot let this deter you! This movie is so fantastic, so much so, that I’m willing to abuse the exclamation mark in my writing! It’s now streaming on Netflix, too! Summary here >>

Begin Again
This isn’t a holiday film, mind you, but it’s well worth a watch this time of year. I think it’s the Keira Knightly connection to Love Actually (also streaming on Netflix).

One Day
It’s streaming on Netflix, and yes, I’ve written about this film before as well. This means that I loved it THAT MUCH to include it here, as well. This also reminds me of Sliding Doors with Gweneth.

Right now, I’m watching LIFE AFTER BETH (had to stop watching it, not for me), and after that…

Obvious Child
OBVIOUS CHILD (I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE!) as we await pathology results! Like, serious love. This might be my favorite new movie. LOVE. Jenny Slate’s Obvious Child is the kind of movie I wish I could watch in slow motion, just to make it last longer. I don’t want it to end.


  1. not suprised you like the bathroom humor of obvious child…you always talk about diarrhea and that stuff.
    when she said people say she looks like anne frank, i died.
    some funny spots, but i thought the relationship w the guy was unrealistic and a lot wierd.
    but it was interesting

    1. Author

      I will say, she totally overdoes it with the bathroom humor. It’s all ass and fart, too much so! That’s not what I found funny. Just her delivery in general, and her authenticity. I love the line by Gabby Hoffman about loving our Heroine because she’s apologetically herself, even if herself is a bit crazy. I can so relate to that, and the film reminded me to return to her, to the person I once was on this blog, fearless.

  2. I recently discovered About Time, loved it, and wondered why it didn’t get any buzz! Looking forward to checking out your other picks! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I’m always looking for cozy movies this time of year but never seem to have any luck. These look great… already saw The Intouchables and About Time and loved them so I’m excited for the rest! Looking forward to reading your other movie posts too. What’s on your watch list for this holiday season at the theatre? Award season is always in the back of my mind during the holidays.. good time to take in all the new releases. Thanks for the list!

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