all hallow’s eve 2013

October 31, 2013


Get On It (Keep On It)

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9 Responses to “all hallow’s eve 2013”

  1. Stephanie Klein Says:

    I have more photos of them with their friends, but I feel weird posting them on my site. Somehow it’s fine for all the moms to post group photos of their kids on Facebook, yet I still feel like I should think twice before posting photos of my kids with their friends on my website. It makes too much out of it if I have to email each parent to ask permission, no?

  2. Deborah Says:

    Yes, it does. But I respect that you respect their privacy. I think if you have a good face shot of one of their friends, you should ask them if it’s ok, otherwise, it’s probably fine. Love seeing the pics. Hope things are better RE bullying, etc. Happy Halloween!

  3. Deborah Says:

    I meant to add…been there, done that with the bullying thing. My daughter was bullied horribly in K-2nd grades. I wish I had intervened sooner. I didn’t really know what I could do! Stay on top of it and move him schools, etc. if need be. It’s not worth it to let him suffer.

  4. Sallie Says:

    I love Lucas’ costume madly! Very well done! Little lass looks lovely, too. Is she wearing hair or something at school that she isn’t wearing in the trick or treat shots?

    • Stephanie Klein Says:

      Thanks, and yes. She was wearing some fake hair attached to a halo at school (she got it as a gift at a play date over the summer and wanted to wear it), but later on, she chose to wear a different halo… because we apparently are stocked up on them in this house. Mostly for these costumes we used what we already had in the house and dress-up bin.

  5. Kimberly Says:

    The photos are stunning and both Abigail and Lucas are absolutely adorable.

    Since you asked, I would advise you not to post images of the other kids on your website. The difference between Facebook and your website is that the parents have some control (privacy blockers, who they friend in the first place, etc.) over the images. On your public website, there is considerably less control. Of course, once something is online in nearly any capacity it is difficult to guarantee control, but there is still more on Facebook then your blog.

  6. Danielle Says:

    A few questions. Did you guys end up buying a place? I feel like you had shared a snippet of the lack of housing out there in the areas you wanted to be in. Are you renting or did you buy? You practically wrote a six-part series on the new car and left us hanging on this! Give up the deets! This looks like a neighborhood with a lot of kids of a similar age, which is great.

    Also, are your kids tall? They both look like they are towering above their friends at this point! I always imagined you as on the shorter side. I’ve actually attended a book reading of yours and I don’t remember if I thought you were short or tall.

    • Stephanie Klein Says:

      We couldn’t find a house we both wanted to buy, so we decided to rent for another year while we looked. We haven’t been looking though. I did follow up on the car! I AM IN LOVE, AS MUCH AS ANYONE CAN BE, WITH MY CAR. It’s the Infinity JX35 with a pale beige interior and ruby/garnet exterior, and I am constantly caressing it, telling Phil how I want to have more babies with it. The neighborhood in which we live is lined with kids, everywhere. EVERYWHERE, and it’s great. People are nice, wave to you, smile. SURE BEATS BOCA!

      Yes, Lucas is the tallest boy in his class! And Abigail is tall, too. Everyone always thinks they are older than they are because of it. No, I’m not particularly tall at all. Oddly people always think that I’m taller than I am. 5’5 1/2