oh, honey, no. keep walking.

In ALL, PREENING by Stephanie Klein

Sharing is caring. So, here it is, my Thursday Beauty Share.

The highly anticipated release of Marc Jabobs’ newest fragrance “Honey” hit the shelves of Sephora, so I followed my nose like a good bunny. Oh, but my little rabbit shoulders fell with the first spray. Honey by Marc Jacobs doesn’t smell of honey at all. Just sweet on non-distinct. I prefer Jo Malone’s Nectarine & Honey cologne, though I’m not crazy about it’s longevity or silage. I purchased Vanille Insensee from Sephora, in the rollerball size spray, and while I loved the cozy cling, FARINA memories amped up with a sophisticated filmy wood, like a lazy Sunday in, wearing his XL shirt, or in your grey sweatshirt draped over a shoulder in nubby wool socks, with your legs flung over the edge of a plush chair, the silage wasn’t big enough and the scent stayed too close to my skin. HOWEVER, I recently revisited the perfume in the fuller size and was more liberal with my application, making sure to spray my clothes a bit, too.

“Holy vanilla beans is this good.” I am in love. I think this perfume is perfect for fall and winter (not because it’s heavy – it’s not – but because it’s cozy and comforting, a snuggle scent. Sitting beside a boy who made you a mixed tape one summer, on the bus ride back to “civilization’ that moment hangs in the bloom of Vanille Insensee. Even my 6 year old son remarked, “Don’t leave now,” after a bedtime story, “you smell too scrumptious.” A lighter girls’ nights out, I’d layer this with a femenine rose scent like Rose de Rosine Roseberry. Love, boozy, acoustic music, arousal. Buying the bigger bottle now because I can’t stop wanting to lick my arm. When I can’t eat what I want, I instead obsess over perfume, which is the air food group. I could throw such a dinner party, where courses are served to complement a certain fragrance. I wouldn’t be the first.

Beauty and hair updates to come soon. xoxo