father’s day weekend in newport, RI

June 20, 2013


Newport, Rhode Island

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7 Responses to “father’s day weekend in newport, RI”

  1. cc Says:

    love these! And freaky OT what teeth whitening do you use? :))
    You all look so happy and natural in the photos. So lovely. I like the large house where is that? An inn somewhere?


  2. Ulli Says:

    You guys look awesome. A: You look stunning. B: Phil looks awesome and well and the kids are beautiful :) Happy to see you happy!


  3. Giverney Says:

    I would love to know where you stayed. We’ve stayed at the Chandler which is magnificent in all fronts. Not to mention it’s right on the cliff walks. This time we went modern and stayed at a new place called 41 North. It’s like having a wanna be W hotel in Newport, with bad service, so I wouldn’t go back.

    When in Newport it’s good to stay in a typical Newport type of hotel. From your photos the place where you stayed looks right out of a magazine


  4. Jae Says:

    My 4 year old son happened to see these and he said you and your family were beautiful. Can’t help but agree. :)


  5. Maricris Says:

    Newport is sublime !
    Beautiful pics. So happy to see everyone so healthy


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