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I‘ve written before about how all our life’s moments should be lived in a way that’s worthy of being captured. I’ve confessed my disappointments and struggled with whether or not I should lower my (Mother’s Day) expectations. This year, I knew that the kids would come home from school with cards or coupon love, and I wondered, only slightly this time, what Phil would pull out of his hat. Nothing. Because he doesn’t wear hats.

It would be something last minute, I knew. And it was. But at least it was last minute love. I’ve come to realize that I value things that take time and planning, some scheming especially, but if it doesn’t happen, if things are very last moment thrown together, so what? Personally, I have a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time. My love isn’t measured in how I account for details or set aside time for plans. Me? I called my mother to tell her I love her. This year I didn’t make the time to send the note, and while I do feel guilty about it, I also know that it’s not a measure of love or importance or of how much I value her. I think the key is showing her that I value her, whenever it is. Scheming is better when you catch ’em off their game, anyhow. Surprises get us every time. This year, I hope to surprise more of the people I love.

I awoke on Mother’s Day to this surprise video.

Hug more, kiss more. Give Eskimo kisses and Red Mango (Frozen Yogurt). Do your job! That’s right. Watch TV all day. Best moment of the day was Lucas’s crawling onto me as I slept. “Mama, today is your day, so you get double hugs and triple kisses.” Then he squeezed me and kissed my cheek.


  1. Wow. Speechless. So So sweet of Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is truly great! Happy Mother’s day to you! xxoo

  2. Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

    That, my dear, is perfect.

  3. THIS is better than any other gift he could have given. So precious. Well done Phil!

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