second day curls (video)

April 2, 2013

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If you enjoy this Preening video, please give it a “Thumbs Up,” and/or leave a YouTube comment sharing your quickie “look ready even when you’re not” tip.

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  1. jojo Says:

    oh how i wish i had curly hair! there is no hope for my messy 2nd day straight hair. just catching up on your recent posts and want to add to the flattery – the photos on your blog of your children and your nyc/travel photography are what inspired me to get a dslr and actually learn how to use it a few years ago…and now i am deep in to photography launching a website/business so thanks!!!! :)


  2. Stephanie Klein Says:

    I also need to get my act together in terms of committing to more regular posts, to uploading better quality videos, to share more of my photographs! And to get back to my next memoir proposal. I want to breathe some life back into this blog. I’ve been ignoring it for too long!


  3. Ca Says:

    Love it!

    My hair is very similar to yours, just darker, and my hairdresser chopped it all off, saying it made me look like the Virgin Mary :-O I want it baaaaack!


  4. Rebecca Says:

    Great video! My hair is very similar (brown and long) and I have been doing the “second-day” ponytail, which is basically a tail of frizz. I can definitely take 5 minutes before carpool to give my curls a little love.


  5. Susan Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this hair-how-to. I’m definitely trying it. xo


  6. Amy Says:

    SWOON!! Thank you, thank you!


  7. BethM Says:

    You make it look so easy! My hair is super curly and even when I use a curling iron, (after blow drying it) the curls don’t seem to stay.


  8. skye Says:

    love the colour blocking outfit in the video :P


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