Florida vacation

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Florida vacation

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  1. StephanieKlein

    Sorry I haven’t posted. I’m in Florida with my mother and sissy! So full!

  2. Shana

    Your kids are adorbs, but seriously, what I wouldn’t give for your eyebrows. Not in a creepy make-a-skin-mask in my basement kind of way. Just in a take-the-picture-to-my-brow-gal kind of way

    1. Kyle

      I’m sorry that you feel so bad about yourself that you have to try to put your pain onto others.
      I hope you find peace.
      Stephanie and her beautiful family are going through a lot now, with style and grace, as usual.
      You’re blessed that when they read your vitriol, they’ll have too much class to respond in kind. Don’t mistake niceness for weakness.
      And by they way, we gloriously NATURAL redheads (and strawberry blondes) augment our eyebrows and looka all the more stunning for it.

      1. Sallie

        Huh? Did I misread Shana’s comment? All I saw was admiring Stephanie’s eyebrows.

        For that matter did Stephanie post something else somewhere about struggles, or have I lost every single last bit of reading comprehension?

        PS: Natural strawberry blonde here, and alas as I’ve aged, my eyebrows begin to look more and more alarmingly like my late father’s, which is to say flat, bushy and angry. Not a cute look.

        (Stephanie, sorry if you have blech going on.)

      2. cj

        I can’t imagine how you read Shana’s complimentary comment as negative. Your defensive elaboration is really weird.

      3. NP

        Umm… it sounds like Shana was just complimenting Stephanie’s eyebrows. I don’t see any “vitriol” in the comment, does anyone else?

      4. Andrea

        I’m sorry, are you illiterate? You owe Shana an apology, she was COMPLIMENTING Stephanie!

  3. Arli

    Have fun! I just came back from 10 days in Aventura and miss the sun and warmth already.

  4. Lola D

    Love the pictures!

    Kyle – Shana didn’t say anything negative about Stephanie’s eyebrows..

  5. Deb

    Kyle sounds like “anonymous” guy. Just spews negativity for negativity’s sake. Ignore the trolls!

    Love the pictures. :)

    1. Anon

      No, Deb, I am anon. And my comment would be that her eyebrows look like she is hoping to be on RH of long island. That is not negative, just an observation.

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