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NYC Hotdogs
NY Public Library

I loved taking the beans to the New York Public Library. We were walking across town from Grand Central Station, and when the library first came into view, I asked them if the area reminded them of any of the stories we’ve been reading at home. “Madeline,” Abigail said. Not exactly, but it is a metropolitan area similar enough to Paris, so she wasn’t too far off. Lucas was stumped, too. “A book about how sometimes it’s okay to break the rules,” I said. They looked at each other, then up at me, then at the statues of the LIONS on the steps of the library, then back up at me, their eyes wide. “Library Lion! Library Lion,” they cheered. I felt as if I’d just been lit up from the inside, watching their excitement. “Can we go inside?” We hadn’t planned this trip, which is perhaps the best way to navigate a city, so it was even more of a delight to find ourselves inside the New York Public Library, reading one of our favorite books, Library Lion.

NY Public Library, NYC
Library Ceiling
Grandparents A long-awaited dinner with family at North Hills. It’s so good to be home.

Last night we went to Piccola Venezia in Astoria, Queens to celebrate Phil’s mother’s 70th birthday!
Piccola Venezia Astoria Queens


  1. Wonderful serendipitous library stop!! and beautiful children!!
    enjoy every second. my kids are all grown up now; goes too fast!!

  2. OMG, the kids are so big!! It is amazing how big they are and how we have been able to see them grow. Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. The beans are growning up so quickly. Thank you for letting us peek inside your journey. Life looks happy.

  4. Love the pics. Nice, unique take on scenes that have been shot a lot. Makes me miss the reading room of the NYPL… was a great place to study.

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