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Whales Tales: for once, not a drinking game

“What kinds of things do you want to do when Grandpa Don & Grandma Carol come in TWO DAYS?”
Abigail: “I want, I want to take them to Pump It Up and show them how I jump in the bouncy house.”
Lucas: “I want to show Grandma & Grandpa the fastest way to the Toy & Book Store!”
Abigail: “I want to show them how I dive for rings and swim to their arms.”
Abigail: “I want them to see me in my soft leotard as a tiny tumbler,”
Lucas: “And me as an alligator at Super Sports!”
Abigail: “I want to decorate a sukkah and show them how to draw and hang special fruits only for special occasions. And I want to sing to them about Jonah and the whale and how God went to synagogue and said, PEOPLE BEHAVE YOURSELVES! Because they were hitting each other, and that hurts, and we don’t fight, cause that’s bad. And God said, Jonah was in the whale, and the whale said, BLECH, cause he hurt his throat, so he spit him out.”
Me, who hasn’t ever mentioned God to my children: “And who is God, Abigail?”
Abigail: “God is in our hearts… And when the water was gray, the humpback whale was in the wrong sea, and that’s why the water was gray. And the humpback whale’s mommy is going to be very mad at him for eating Jonah. The end.”
Lucas: “More shrimp, please.”

These are the dinner moments you want to remember.


  1. Ah, the sweet wisdom of children. Precious. I have a feeling Grandma and Grandpa are going to be utterly delighted.

  2. My wife sent me this post today… it was her way of announcing to me that we’re in for our own twins!

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