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I t’s happened: I look like a country western singer. It’s time for a haircut. The only person—it so appears—capable of giving a proper "long layers cut" in this town is an arrogant chamber pot of a French bastard named Norbert. I’ve tried the stylists written up in magazines for "Best Curly Hair," and, sorry, but they’ve all sucked it. Sure, they know how to handle curly hair, to keep it wet while styling, handle it as little as possible, saturate with gel—hell, they even say that they’re "carving your curls." And it all sounds so promising, swearing I’ll love the products, adore the cut, and with such expectations, it’s always a big fat appointment with dis. Last I was in his "Pffft, Do You Need a Kleenex?" French Bastard’s chair, I left the Davenport Village salon looking like a very unhappy meal. Norbert agreed long hair was best on me, then hacked it off anyway, leaving me with hair cut far too short to wear curly. But, I will allow that it was, in fact, a masterful cut, if only he’d left it longer. The Frenchman left me looking like an English Springer Spaniel.

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I don’t get my hair cut often. I don’t need to bond with my stylist. We needn’t chit chat. No therapy needed, aside from a good deep conditioning and perhaps an applied gloss or some Kerastase products. I just need someone here in Austin who sees hair as their calling in life. Is that too much to ask? It’s why I’m through messing around. The appointment has been made. Next Tuesday, I’ve locked in an appointment at Jose Luis Salon. It’s going to be an all out girl day.

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Speaking of girl day, the last time I had a pedicure was in September. This is beyond sadacious, and soon I might be charged with assault with a deadly weapon: the claw. How’s a girl supposed to feel wicked without her namesake polish in "toe." (Yeah, that was pretty bad). The good news, however, aside from my beauty-fail, is that I’ve been happier lately. My liver hasn’t, but I have.

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  1. Sweet pictures, glad you’re having fun, and I’m so with you — I never trust anyone who claims to specialize in curly hair.

  2. Hands down, the best hair stylist in Austin (he works internationally as well) is Ron King, the owner of Bo Salon.

    Talk about someone who lives to do hair – he is a master and provides expert tips to as well. Check him out.

    1. Author

      Now, don’t hate me, but I’m sorry to say: Been there. Disappointed with that.
      Sorry. I even went twice. Bought all the products he suggested that left my hair horribly sticky and tangled on day 2. I liked that he walked me through the curly-girl steps, of leaving hair super-saturated, applying lots of product, then drying by scrunching with paper towels, but the cut, both times, was disappointing. I tried!

      1. Have you tried Georgia @ Bo? She used to be @ Pink…I love her…I have long curls too, and she never cuts too much or texturizes to give me frizz, and I always like her layers…I fly in from Dallas to have her do my hair

        1. I love Georgia. She has never cut my hair, but dates my ex-roommate. She is a sweetheart.

  3. Ditto what KAT said. I, too, am doubtful of curly hair “experts.”

    And this…..”I don’t get my hair cut often. I don’t need to bond with my stylist. We needn’t chit chat.” Amen, amen, AY-MEN!

    Love the pics! You should post more pics like it, maybe people will stop making nasty comments about y’alls relationship :)

  4. I have naturally curly hair. About three years ago, my hairdresser suggested a ‘precision cut’. Wash, blow dry, straighten, then cut. I was sceptical at first– especially since the straightening takes so long, but now, I never let anyone cut my curls when they’re wet. Maybe that’s worth a try?

    Good luck!

    1. I 100% agree! I have curly hair and the first time my stylist suggested cutting it straight I laughed and prepared to find a new stylist (it was my first time with her). After she cut it I was amazed at how good it was. So easy and has so much more movement when it has been cut straight. Good Luck!

  5. The title of this post is so funny. Cute photos. My curly hair technique is:
    1. wash and condition upside down with cold water
    2. let it drip while scrunching for a few minutes in the shower before getting out
    3. add some mousse
    4. use a towel without ringing hair out
    5. be very still for a few hours
    Needless to say, this almost never happens! I also cut my hair by flipping my head upside down and going at it with the scissors. It’s hit or miss.

  6. Your hair looks *much* better sans product/gelled up here than it did in the videos (the the right most recent one i think) it looks a lot better and less 80s. Aren;t you worried about seeing the same guy you slagged off on your blog though? Do you think he saw it/knows about that? be careful! lol

    1. Author

      I am NOT going back to the French dude. I’m going to someone new, who has come highly recommended by a friend. I’ll report back next week with the before & afters.

      1. Good. B/c your hair is long yes but not to be ruined! I’m pregnant now and mine is growing fast but if I had your hair I would be very protective of it! Good luck and cannot wait for pics.

  7. I’m sure there are a million good reasons why you would never ever do it, but I’ve always thought you’d look GREAT with short hair! And if you hate it, it’ll always grow back you know…

    1. As another long curly girl, I can say that the thought of short hair makes me cringe in fear! But only because with super curly hair it takes so very, very long to grow out.

      My hair is curly like Stephanie’s, and I once had pixie cut curls. It took me about 5 years to grow it out to just below my shoulders when it’s dry, and 3 of those years were spent looking very much like Alice from the Dilbert comics ( I didn’t date much during those 3 years, oddly enough. ;)

  8. I have gone to a great girl in Austin for almost 6 years. I don’t have curly hair, but a friend of mine does and she’s always impressed. Her name is Megan at Salon Intuitions. 323-0880.

  9. I just picked up Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massey, and I have to say that I’m intrigued by what I’m reading — certainly no stylist has ever spoken to me this way about my curly hair before. It’s a whole new approach to handling, cleansing and styling curly hair, from very tight curls to loose waves. I’m only a few days into following the steps (there is a simple regimen set forth for each type of curl), so can’t give a lot of feedback, but so far I like what I’m reading, and I like how my scalp and hair are feeling.

    If you’re feeling adventurous (and ready to try a somewhat off-beat approach with your hair), you might give it a look. Good luck with the new stylist!

  10. Sorry to hear that…at least you gave it a try. When you do find *the* stylist, I’d love to hear about it.

  11. Love the glasses too! Really stylish, and so adorable on you! For tons of curly hair information, you could try Sarah James is the “Hair Whisper(er)”. It would be fun to go and take a look. She’s awesome. The pics of you and Phil are so cute too! You look really happy :o)

  12. great pics of you and Phil. Glad you’re happier these days :) Happy needs to be embraced fully when it falls in your lap!

    As for the hair, good luck with the new stylist. I have always been brave enough to go in with an attitude of “eh…it’ll grow”..but I see your point of wanting specifics, and expecting to get what you asked for. Look forward to the before & afters!

  13. Stephanie, you need to go see Lisa Cohen. She just moved salons, hold please…to Russ and Co.
    She has cut my hair, not as curly as yours, for almost 10 years. I live in SF now, but have resolved to go to Austin for my hair cuts because no one else can cut it right. She is awesome. When I live in College Station I drove to Austin to see her and I even came out from DC once. Just try her, you will not be sorry. Meghan

  14. I like having long hair, but I need a hair cut… But now I know that I cant cut it in layers, it just gets fluffy and strange…

  15. Have you been to this guy yet? I haven’t but apparently he is THE dude in Austin. He is also on that Bravo show Shear Genius. On a different note, Ron King is the absolute worst “stylist” in this town. Did you go to him? Yikes. So sorry. I’ll tell you about him later.

  16. I think you look absolutely beautiful in these photos – your hair is glorious.

    My daughters both have the most astonishing heads of hair – all 3 of the babies were born with golden hair. I’m not talking blonde – I’m talking the color of gold. Little wispy ringlets of hair. When my son was about 2, his ringlets got him mis-identified as a girl, so it was off to the barber and I can’t remember who cried more – he or I.

    Now 17, eldest daughter has fine, golden locks that come halfway down her back. It is the most astonishing color and texture, and when brushed – looks like spun gold. Littlest daughter has hair that any Rupunzel would be envious of – thick, curly (but not seriously), and deep gold. We have all cut our hair for locks of love at one time or another, but all go back to growing it out (except son, who looks very collegiate with his short ‘man hair’.)

    Only problem? Shower drains. Seriously. That’s a whole lot of hair.

  17. Love the new pics and how long your hair has gotten!!!! I have smiliar hair and live in NYC, where did you get your hair cut when you lived up here??? I need a better curly hair person!


  18. Ok, here is a crazy thought. What about someone who is good with black hair? One of my girlfriends found a guy who happens to be black and happens to specialize in black hair, but he is also great with curly hair. No idea if it is just a coincidence. And I certainly hope I’m not offending you… I am in no way implying that your hair is anything like African American hair, nor is African American hair like yours… Ok, now I just feel dumb. You know what I mean and I’m not trying to offend.

    Speaking of all of that, did you see that Chris Rock has a documentary on hair? I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  19. you are going to be disappointed! Cancel the appointment! That place sucks! I have even had it cut by the owner. They dyed my hair orange blonde and I am a hispanic woman. Not that that color would flatter anyone. I still use Norbert! He is the best even if he knows it.

  20. You could always swing by our place and just have the hair removed permanently lol! Wow this is a really long post, good job on the blog.

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