moose: a grown up version of judy blume’s blubber

In ALL, BOOK PUBLISHING by Stephanie Klein

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It’s official. Moose: A Memoir is now available in paperback, online and in your local bookstore. This means you can mark it all up, dog ear pages, whip out your highlighter and treat the juicy bits the way you treated Blubber (or Forever). There’s even a chapter in Moose titled:


Read it on a Kindle. Or on your cell phone if your eyes don’t suck like mine. View the Moose book trailer, then Download a free chapter of Moose (pdf)

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As seen on View Video of Stephanie Klein on The Today Show, getting all sassy onView Video of Stephanie Klein on View From The Baytotally paranoid about my baby weight on View Video of Stephanie Klein on 20/20, but completely at ease baking cookies and eating my worth in weight on View Stephanie Klein on TV Food Network. Then, I went shopping for a bathing suit (well, not for me, but still) on VoiceOfAmerica.

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"The memoir, which mixes painful revelations with amusing anecdotes, teems with details, like the sixth-grade Spanish class in which the teacher told students to identify themselves as fat or thin."
— The New York Times

“It combines the classic misery-at-summer-camp story with the lengths we’ll go to get thin.”
— USA Today

“If you have a kid who is overweight, underweight, very tall, very short, this book will make you understand how important it is to accept your child for whatever he or she is.”
— Joan Hamburg- WOR, New York

“Long acclaimed for the sharp and witty insights on her personal blog,, writer Stephanie Klein has now released her second book, Moose, a hilarious and heart-wrenching memoir recounting her adolescent experiences at fat camp.”
— Women’s Day

"Candid . . . inspiring . . . With vivid characterizations, spot-on locale descriptions and sly jokes at her own expense, Klein offers an original and touching take on the all-too-common problem of childhood obesity."
— Kirkus Reviews

Get your paperback copies today!

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