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Enjoy Several people have asked–and I haven’t had time until now– if I’d add my photographs from New Orleans to my photography site. The amazing thing about what art can do for a room, for a house, for a mood, is transport you. A lot of people buy art when they’re vacationing, attaching a memory to it.

"This is a photo from that trip we took to New York." I get a lot of requests still for my Hotel Gansevoort art, in part, because people want to, as a gift to themselves or others, add that memory to their wall.

Sometimes though you just fall in love with a gesture, a mood, a moment, even when you never experienced it. It makes you feel like your life, in some way, is a series of scenes in a movie with its own soundtrack. I love the idea of photographs that come with music to accompany them. I have certain photos that actually remind me of songs! I love that, the spirit art has to make us think, to lift a mood, to make us remember our Grandfather’s hands, even if it’s not a photo of our own grandfather. It might just be a man on a park bench with his dog. But we just look at it and it makes us remember our own memories, even if the photo isn’t one we took. I love that.

I’m still culling photos from all my external hard drives, figuring out for myself which photos to turn into prints for our home. It’s a funny thing, picking art for a guest room. You don’t want it to be generic, like a drop of water on a leaf, or stones up a woman’s back. You want quirky, with a mood. Playful, I think. I printed this little guy, and put it in a 4×4 frame on the bedside table.

4 YEARS AGO: Wet Spot
5 YEARS AGO: Kool in the Haas


  1. I'm in the process of choosing several photographs with which to decorate our house, too. It's not easy; I need about 15 prints but am head-over-heels for at least 45. Methinks I think too highly of my own photography (chuckle). You really are a wonderful photographer.

  2. Do you still have any negatives? How did you convert them to digital format? I have a bunch from the end of that era and I'm curious what you did or did you start photography after the big change?

  3. Beautiful photo but I would like it so much more without the text layer.

  4. I'm looking for art to decorate my appartment as well, but am not limiting it to photographs, am looking at drawings/letterpress prints as well (Etsy has a lot of this stuff). But it's so hard to choose! The one thing I am sure of is that I want some prints of -you guessed it- the pictures I took on my trip to Japan. But which ones indeed…

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