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I remember walking at night from the car to the restaurant, up a brick path at Bamboo, Alexandra in her uniform (jeans, wedge heels, a long booby shirt, and long necklace). She began to pet my arm. "Cookieface," she said, "remember this moment. This will hopefully be our last summer out here as single girls. Because if we turn into those tiger ladies–"
"Yes, I’ll just die."
"Die? Really?"
"Yes, muppet. I will diiiiie."

Three summers later, she’s still alive. And happier than everyone around her, in that way that only a bride can be.

I’m heading out to the scene of the crime tomorrow. I’m taking off to New York to celebrate Alexandra’s bachele-whore-ette party in the Hamptons, and from there, I’m heading back to Los Angeles. I’m of course torn because I feel like I’ve only just returned home, but this is an event I couldn’t miss. I’ve spent so many summers in the dungeon with my friends, and although we’re all in different places in our lives now, going back with the girls isn’t going backwards. It’s not like going back to an ex-boyfriend. But it is strange, returning to a place in your past, when the moments at the same restaurants were spent so differently than you’ll spend them now. We’ll be back at Bamboo on Saturday night, toasting with our saketinis and chins held high. Before, I’d have been checking my phone for that text message from a suitor. Now I’ll be checking it for updates on home life, for "I miss you" texts from my husband. But as much as things are different, they’re also always the same.

Alexandra will be Radio Commando, bossy as ever with the soundtrack of our weekend. And I’ll still love her for it, while I lug around the heavy SLR, and force her to pull over so I can get that shot. It will all go by too fast, as it always does. The one thing I’m not looking forward to: going to a club. Some things never change. Kill me now.

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  1. What's a booby shirt? Where do I get one (with sleeves)

    FROM SK: A shirt cut to draw the eye to the décolleté area. AKA: check these out.

  2. I hope you have a completely wonderful time, Stephanie!! This post had me smiling; for you and for a few of my own memories.

    I can't wait to dig into your Hampton posts! (I'm not sure of how many of these I've actually read) And now my daughter has informed me my online time is over. She wants to go shopping.

    But I'll be looking forward to checking out these posts tonight and in the morning.

    Have a safe trip and a rowdy good time with your friends!


  3. Sounds like a grand time.

    I ask you and your faithful readers….is it odd that a married man doesn't ever go out on a guys night? Or a bachelor party? Does married life tend to drain this part out of you? Is this healthy? What do you think?

  4. Have a great time! When all is said and done, there's no friends like girl friends!

    Martini–I think if a guy likes being married, he sees how those bachelor parties are kinda cliche. It's a phase of his life he's passed through (like adolescence) and left behind.

    As for going out for guys' night, maybe he's more comfortable on his own couch. Maybe all the guys would rather all be on a couch than sitting on barstools, but nobody feels like they can host a guy's night at home?

  5. Have a fabulous time. Turn up the music, help each other pick outfits, keep the wine glasses full, gossip, most of all — cherish. Time with old friends is so much more meaningful when it comes few and far between.

  6. Jodie Foster and I must be the last over-40 single girls in America. And she has court-blocked good reason. sigh…

  7. Cookieface? Muppet? I think good pet names are a sign of a good friendship. Only strangers call me by my actual name. God forbid the long version.

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    I've just spent the last hour looking at your gorgeous photos from days gone by at the Hamptons, 4th of July etc. Do you have plans for putting out a photography book? Photos you take of people, scenery or food, they all look beautiful. Have loads of fun with your girls in NY!

  9. you got me very curious about something and iti didn't fit the topics for any messages to your contact addresses. I read you "don't like when people sign off their letters with cheers, peace, or later. "

    what do you recommend instead? :)


  10. you got me very curious about something and it didn't fit the topics for any messages to your contact addresses. I read you "don't like when people sign off their letters with cheers, peace, or later. "

    what do you recommend instead? :)


  11. For the record, I love all the flashback emails.
    I miss my weeks away with the girls. Nantucket and The Chicken Box. Dancing to Bim Skala Bim. Getting fresh seafood right at the dock. Laughing until you cry and crying because you know how soon it will end. What great memories and some of the best times of my life.

  12. Being from LA I have always been jealous that we don't have our version of the Hamptons. Of course we have tons of beaches and the weather but nothing where strangers and aquaintances come together to share a house and fun for the weekends.

    I always invisioned the Hamptons as a kind of Summer Camp for adults. Where bonds and memories are made in that fast forward way that only can come from being stuck in close quarters. Each day having more significance than non-Summer days.

    Have a great time with your girls!

    What brings you back to LA? More readings? Just want to make sure I won't miss out on any of your events while you are out on the Left coast!

  13. martini,

    every guy is different. there is nothing wrong with not doing the BP thing. The not going out thing worries me a bit, just because one usually needs to spend some time with freinds other than the wife, even if she is your best friend. i know that due to my busy life i almost never get 1 on 1 time with my pals, but i do see them, often with my FI since they all love him too. if the guy used to go out with friends and seemed to really like it an now doesn;t, then that may be a problem. he could also be just not very into socializing and gets a lot of his quality people time from the wife, neighbors, and friends at work.

  14. Just started reading MOOSE and LOVE it! It doesn't matter if you are in the Hamptons or the Berkshires you write what I feel and have a hard time saying. Thank you.

  15. I was at a pool club in Baltimore over Father's day and no less than 10 people were reading MOOSE! I felt like i was in some secrey club. Great book with rich characters and insight. Damn funny as well.

  16. I'm going to the Hamptons this weekend. If I see you I'll squeal and ask you to autograph my bra. 36DD. Loved Straight Up And Dirty and looking forward to buying Moose.

  17. I work for a producer in CA and heard your name being mentioned for a few things. How exciting! I wonder how many people have gotten on the SK train?

  18. Any reccomendations on where to go in Hamptons for July 4th weekend?

  19. I have officially spent my entire work day reading past posts of yours and flipping through your photos. It's so cool to look back and follow your progression, knowing where you are now. It's also reminding me to enjoy every minute of every stage of life, because it does go fast, and each stage is so amazing in its own right. Stop worrying about the future, self; it will get here eventually and will only be made richer by the past.

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I just finished Moose–it's wonderful. Even though I'm about 15 years older than you, it brought back so many memories from childhood–all the slang, etc. Even though you used diaries as references, you must have an incredible memory. And of course, since my weight colors every aspect of my life too, I could really relate to everything! Thanks!

  21. So I just started reading your 100 things… My bird did the same thing! Little F*ck. Saved his life 3 times then he just did it while I was sleep… Are we really that bad? Haha

  22. Living vicariously through you is a guilty pleasure. Moose is wonderful and Straight Up is my bible.

    Enjoy your girls.

  23. I just spent the last 4 hours reading the archives of your site and…wow…WOW! You are an incredible woman. A talented writer. A friend to so many. I saw your book in bookstore but didn't pick it up. Who's the fool?

    Thank you for all you write.

  24. Great post!! It bought lots of good memories back when I was single and had a share in the Hamptons (Remsenburg & West Hampton)…Friday nights was "Marakesh" a club and Saturdays-we would go to CPI (Consciene Point Inn) I am sure both of these places are something else now…We would also bike along Dune Road-Didn't get going until 11 pm at night and then up at noon….After a few years in the Hamptons, I switched to FI-which was also wonderful-especially not having to worry about driving :)

  25. Booby shirts are the only means by which I may pretend to have boobs. (glancing downward disdainfully)

    have a wonderful time!

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