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these days with little miss

November 28, 2007


You now clap on demand, young miss, especially after a few rounds of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” And when you drink your bottle, you lounge as if you’re reading The New York Post with a farm-boy fanning you, one leg crossed over the other. You have two teeth on the bottom. The […]

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borgata bets

November 26, 2007


Sometimes in life you come upon a real character. A person so full of life, they seem to splash over, brimful. I’m not talking about people who are “always on,” always trying. To entertain. To impress. But of people who just seem to drip with life. You see it in their mannerisms, the grand gesture […]

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November 23, 2007


We’re gambling again. Can’t quite help ourselves, though this time we’ll be in Atlantic City (eating at Sea Blue). We’re going with my Dad and Carol, and I can’t wait! I’ll be back to posting after the weekend. I can’t wait to gamble with my dad for the first time. I’d heard stories about Yo=lleven […]

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giving thanks

November 21, 2007


We’re in New York with family, and it’s safe to say even though it’s not home, it still feels like it. The tots adore all the new adoration and activities, the voices and coos singing through the house, the unfamiliar toys, and that dog that licks and wags its tail, the green bird that dances […]

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not a euphemism

November 19, 2007


I turned my burner flame to low and joined him for a steam, where one of us got off, and the other of us got an IOU while my pot of soup burned. And that’s what it’s become. A bedroom, or shower, full of burnt-out IOUs. “And it’s not fair,” he says, “the way you […]

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assembly required

November 15, 2007


When I was single, living in a one bedroom apartment in New York, I only ever hired someone once. I paid the building handyman $50 to assemble a heavy, and complicated, bookshelf. I never could have tackled this myself, and even if I could, personally, I’d derive zero pleasure or sense of satisfaction. It’s not […]

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the line outside the velvet ropes of the wiggle room

November 13, 2007


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November 10, 2007


Splitzville is always harder for the one who’s left behind. It’s not about whose choice it was to end things, who was the one to initiate “the talk,” who screwed up, who was rejected. Well, it does matter, but usually it matters most in the way we tell our stories, the way we want people […]

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