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I want to have redheaded babies.  I don’t want to snack on them with goat cheese; I want to make them.  Three would be nice, but I’ll settle on two.  I need to get cracking in the next few years.  There seems to be a shortage of redheads on the planet, a crisis even.  My ex-boyfriend is convinced we split because he couldn’t give me redheaded babies.  "You’re such a racist," he’d moan before biting me on the arm. 
"I am not.  I just want my babies to look like me, not you."  I said it with a smile, as if I didn’t really mean it.  I meant it.  His hair was black, his skin quite dark; our children would look like muppets.  Not a good time. 

Yes, at the end of the day, who cares, blah blah, health, blah, ten toes, blah.  We know.  Product of love, blah.  Whatever, I want redheads.  And yes, that is a photo of me, and while both my parents are natural redheads, people are usually most surprised by the fact that my father is a redhead.  How many times have I heard, "Fine, I’ll give you redheaded babies, but you can’t give me a redheaded son." Paul Bettany is strawberry blonde in my book. Giddyup.


  1. you're not the only one… I think I have subconsciously broken up with guys with brown eyes.

  2. Wow…I knew women always had an agenda but now they're worried about what their kids will look like?

  3. I totally have to applaud the straightforward selfishness of this, Stephanie. Ten toes is noble, and all, but on top of that, I am absolutely IMMOVABLE on the fact that we're having at LEAST one girl. Stuart has gotten used to me referring to my left ovary as "she" (I have more faith in the left one).

  4. Did Anne and Gilbert end up having red-headed children? A brood of them at Sunnygate Farm?

  5. You've got to be fucking kidding me? You really couldn't have just typed what I just read. No wait, you couldn't have meant what I just read into what you typed. You wouldn't really breakup with or not get involved with a really great guy because of his hair color would you?

  6. hell YES the world needs more redheads…..we are what they say we are, and more! unless you have naturally red hair, you just can't know what it's all about.

    rest assured–given that BOTH my parents are redheads, i'd say that my chances of redheaded babies are good. i'll do what i can to avoid extinction of our great species.

    i dig your blog….the redhead factor might be why…


  7. I can't wait till Stephanie has kids! I could use a few more of her around in whatever gender form (preferably red head). Though Lea has more than dibs on it, I'm signing this ~Auntie.

  8. I'm always amazed at how much people look like their baby photos, no matter how many years have passed since the baby photo was taken. Although you can't look at a baby photo and predict what the baby will look like as an adult, you can look at an adult photo and see such clear resemblances to the baby photo.

    With Stephanie (comparing the two shots appearing next to each other on the blog's "home page"), I think it's the eyes that bear the most striking resemblance.

  9. Sass,

    I think she may too. I just was surprised. Somy guy even emailed me saying that my comment here was a little off given my most recent post on my blog. (The difference is red hair is a trait one can't change – an immutable trait, like skin color. The physical things I look for can be achieved by going to a gym.)

    Sorry I took up more room on your blog, Stephanie.

  10. When my wife and I started making babies, alls I kept saying was; “no red heads, no red heads” and VOILA! – a red head. A beautiful, absolutely perfect red head named Clayton. My wish didn't come true and I am so thankful for that.

  11. It really isn't something that is guaranteed. My daughter is a redhead (auburn she likes to say). Neither me or my husband are redheads….she gets her colouring from somewhere deep in his woodpile – a great aunt, great,great grandmother – something like that. NOBODY on my side has red hair.

    Good luck though.

  12. My entire family has dark hair, olive skin, and bright emerald green eyes. And I really want to pass that on… My BF has all of the above qualifications except one eye is green and the other is brown…What to do???

  13. Should nature not take it's course, there is always the hope that Johnson & Johnson will come out with baby hair dye in "Elmo Red".

  14. see, just another reason we should date. ALL red, all the time! gimme a freakin' opportunity alREDy.

  15. on a completely unrelated note, I hope you don't mind that I list your blog as one of my "good reads" on my relatively new blog.

  16. OK, I know you probably have people linking you all the time, but I thought you'd want to know, even if it's for the 100th time

  17. and I always thought I was weird that I would only want to be with blue-eyed guys because I wanted blue-eyed babies (my children will probably get my brown eyes just to spite me)

  18. Oh hell yea fellas. We all think about "what our kids would look like if…"
    I pray for daughters like me (petite, fair skinned, blonde and blue) but yikes, I HATE blond guys. Little blond boys are cuties but blond men = ick. I'd also be sad if boys got my height…
    Hold out girl! You CAN always get what you want. And seriously, that adorbale little baby smile on your pic is priceless. Most baby pics have that blank stare but you were already workin' the camera!

  19. I'm fairly sure I could provide you with red-headed babies and you're an attractive and bright lady so I'd be up for it. I can provide you with a full run of my other genetic traits as well. I offer perfect eyesight and good I.Q. but the VO2max is a little low :-)

  20. hey girlfriend– indeed– you best find a fellow redhead. my red hair + my husbands dark brown hair has produced a brown haired baby. my ob-gyn thought the red hair would prevail since it tends to be dominant, but so far no. hold out & pass it on– did you hear this? the number of natural redheads will be extinct by the year 2100 so says the oxford hair society. hmph.

  21. From one redhead to another, rock on baby. Go populate the earth more redheaded hotties. I've done my part, spun the wheel of chance and got my little redheaded man. :)

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