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When Party of Five was on the air, there was a magazine article titled, "The Best Show You Aren’t Watching."  They need a new spin.  It’s time.  "The Worst Show You Are Watching." 

Who watches The Tony Danza Show?  Since I don’t watch TV (does AM TV really count?), I can with certainty declare that I do not watch this apologetic show.  Tony acts like Oddie from Garfield, practically slobbering on guests, always eager to please.  Instead of hello, he should just say, "I’m sowwy" and bow his head. Less important perhaps than who’s watching the show, I’d like to know who put this show on the air?  Most importantly though, who in their right mind renewed his contract? 

Usually, I’m a station loyalist.  I put on ABC and leave it there.  Good Morning America, Regis & Smelly, and then the mistake that is The Tony Danza show.  Today he has Paris Hilton on the show… to wax his back.  How in the hell does this happen, and which of Paris’s yes-men permits this?  The show is repellent.  Tony hems and haws apologizing on Mondays because his mother pointed out to him over the weekend that on Friday’s show, he said, "see you tomorrow" instead of "have a good weekend."  Tony Danza has made me a traitor.  I’m all about Ellen in his timeslot now.  Sorry ABC, get rid of the Italian Danza Destruction Show… and take "correspondent" Vetrini with you.


  1. I don't get it either. I did hear recently that it's one of the highest rated shows in NYC. Maybe it's a New York thing. That being said, I am a New Yorker and it's not my thing, just in case you were wondering.

  2. I must take this opportunity to quote a great Elton John song…hold me closer, Tooony Daaaanza!!!

  3. The whole way through this post I was thinking about his sidekick and what I was going to write…then you beat me to it. She needs to find a job after being on the Apprentice. Her 15 minutes are up and no one in their right mind would want to be his sidekick.

  4. In situations like this, I always say someone (in this case Danza) has cashed in a very big favor. It's all about favors and blackmail.

  5. I abhor that show and have never taken the time to watch it because the ads for the show irritate the shit out of me. Its just like the one person in your office that no matter how much they try to get you to like them, you are just cold for no reason. It happens.

  6. "Since I don't watch TV (does AM TV really count?), I can with certainty declare that I do not watch this apologetic show."

    So just out of curiosity, how do you know it's that bad? You watched part of it… once? I see…

    And 'who put it on the air?' People who had a hunch that it would be a highly rated and successful talk show.

    You might hate it with a passion, but unless your blog hits a new level of popularity and starts a groundswell of anti-Danza mania, you'll have to learn to change the channel. Good luck with all that.

  7. Why couldn't they give his show to Christopher Lloyd on the condition he host it as Jim Ignatowski. That would be gold.

  8. You said: "Since I don't watch TV"

    Then you go on to say how you watch ABC morning shows for hours and the Ellen show.

    Am I missing something??

    I agree with Raja. If you don't watch TV then you aren't really someone who should be critiquing it…

  9. I was so going to sing "Tiny Dancer" but I was beat to the punch.

    I've never seen the show, but the mental imagery that comes along with reading about Paris Hilton waxing Tony Danza's back is enough to make sure I stay far far away.

  10. Sorry, don't watch TV that often, either, especially talk shows and cable news channels. Aside from Saturday Night Live (the barometer of humor in America), I only watch the weather channel. Therefore….

    I watch the tube so little that you can call my 13" TV a "Weather TV!"

  11. on CNN Headline News to-day they kept running a clip during the sports segment of Danza flipping over in his little go-cart. Unfortunately, he wasn't hurt.

    "who's the boss will be back in a moment."


  12. the barometer of humour in America is SNL? damn, we must all suck bollix when it comes to comedy.

    i would think The Daily Show would be inserted into that sentence. Even The Simpsons. But SNL? Ugh.

  13. Believe you me, the Stephanie Klein show would be a much bigger trainwreck than Danza's mess.

  14. I first noticed Tony Danza when he was in Taxi. After that he's been trying desperately to make continuous comebacks as in Who's The Boss (gag), then he did a stint as a dancer, singer, and now a talk show? I've heard of it, but never watched it, and I don't want to. He's grasping at straws… and it shows.

  15. Brogan, you know full well I can block you from ever commenting again. Why would you bother to post something so trivial? I mean, if you're going to tell me I suck and pepper it throughout several of my posts, why not try to make it sting. Go out on top… calling me a trainwreck is almost as cliche as vomitting. You're a knucklehead.

  16. Brogan get over yourself…stop hiding in the shadows. I guess this is what your name stands for…

    B – Bitch / Bastard
    R – Retard
    O – Oaf
    G – Gutless
    A – Asshole
    N – Numbskull

    Do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock that you came out from. I don't know how many times people need to say this before it sinks into your brain, but here it goes again…if you don't like what you are reading, then find something else to read.

  17. Luckily, I live in Chicago and we've never had to deal with the show. However, I was just watching our local Channel 5 news and they said 'The Tony Danza Show' was moving to their network for daytime. Damn!

  18. It's on here, but in the middle of the night. How much plastic surgery has this guy had anyway? Yeesch!

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