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Me and Beyonce

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It’s a Sunday night in the city, and I’m itching to go out come Sunday morning. I issue a stockpile email asking if anyone is up for going out. The replies are thin. Then night falls, and I’m too tired to go out anyway. Monique calls.

“Are you still up for going out?”
“Yeah, sure, if you are.” I’m hoping she says she’s too tired, so I don’t have to move. If we do go out, I know I’m not showering.
“Okay, good. I’ll pick you up in an hour. Let’s say 9.” 9:00pm for Monique means 9:30pm. I have an hour and a half to get ready. I sit cross-legged in my desk chair and decide to work on an ofoto Italy album instead of my wardrobe. We’re heading downtown to The Spotted Pig.

Monique and I cozy up to a side bar area in the small English pub restaurant. I know, beer is in order. You know, I don’t do beer. Instead, I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc that tasted like Chardonnay. Beggars can’t be choosers.

“You do realize that’s Jay-Z and Beyonce behind us don’t you?”
“Of course.” I had no idea. “I can’t believe I am without camera. Of all the nights.”
“Would you really take a photo?”
“Well, only once they were finished with their meal. I mean, please.” I dig through my handbag and fiddle with the flash function on my cellular phone camera.

Later in the night, my friend Chris London arrives, camera in tow. Once Jay-Z and Beyonce use their napkins and are enroute toward the door, Chris steps in and talks to Jay-Z. Because Chris has read about Jay-Z’s protective nature, he’s formulated a plan. He knows not to speak to Beyonce directly. “Would you mind terribly taking a photo with my girlfriend? She’s a big fan of yours.” Jay-Z agrees to a photo. He smiles and waits.

Okay, the thing is, I still don’t even know what Jay-Z does. Of course I’ve heard of him, but I listen to my iPod full of Guster, Keane, and Dashboard Confessional. I don’t know from J-Zee, JZ, or Jay-Z. So kill me. I have a Tivo at home collecting dust, and the only TV I watch which begins with an M is movies. Without googling, I have no idea if he’s a producer or a singer. I wonder if when Chris approched, if he said “Jay-Z.” I mean, do you say, ‘Excuse me, Jay-Z…” or do you keep it formal, “Excuse me sir.” I wouldn’t even go there. Initials can be hard to work with. I do however know Beyonce from her stint in Goldmember. I know she’s bootylicious, though in person, I never scoped past her face. I’m sure it’s lovely, though. Honestly though, I don’t get into details with her… I don’t pull the whole, “You were wonderful in this, and I love how you sing that.” Good for me, there, because I’d probably site a Destiny’s Child tune.

So, Jay-Z is ready for a photo-op. I breeze past him, “Oh thanks.” I don’t stop for a photo with him. I didn’t know what Chris had said to Jay-Z, only that I was given the green light for a photo. I approached Beyonce and held a smile. Her voice was deeper than I’d expected. They were both very accommodating considering I completely shunned the man of initials. Chris London’s photos are much better than anything I could have taken with my camera phone. Check em out >>


  1. well, i recognize the pretty redhead on the left as stephanie klein, but i have no idea who the other woman is.

  2. Ummm… I'm pretty sure the "don't watch MTV" was covered by the above post– she said she doesn't watch TV. I do know who Jay-Z is, and Beyonce, but there are loads of people that the regular "commercial radio listening" group of folks would know that I do not… I hate commercial radio. Listen to CD's and/or sattelite only anymore. I can't stand yet another rendition of an Avril Lavigne song played in a 30 minute rotation. So I assume that's the same for Stephanie… I'm glad you posed with the person you knew instead of going for a shot with someone you don't.

  3. It's Jay-Z, not JZ. He's one of the biggest rappers in the world. Guess you don't go to too many hip-hop clubs. Or watch MTV. Or listen to the radio.

    I don't want to sound mean. I'm just amazed that there are still people who haven't heard of him.

  4. Methinks Beyonce should put your picture on HER web site. You shimmer. She simmers. End of story.

  5. I guess I did sound mean. I didn't mean to – I just thought it was funny that she really truly didn't know who he was.

    Perhaps I was a bit cranky at 10 am this morning when I left that comment. Apologies.

  6. WHO is that average-looking chick next to Stephanie Klein?

    Welcome back, Stephanie, and thanks for posting while you were away. I loved that picture of the empty tables and chairs, and all the other pix too. So tell me: Are you a photographer who writes, or a writer who takes pictures??

    I'll never understand why you don't get more comments, and why the comments you get aren't more positive. Is there a better writer in blogland than you? Doubt it.


  7. Not to sound flippant, but you have officially lost all credibility by not knowing who Jay-Z is. I mean, he's sold more albums than virutally anyone these past 5 years, AND he's from Brooklyn!!! I'm speechless. Also, are you really pale? Or is Beyone really tan ?

    KLEIN ??

  9. Does it honestly make you a bad person if you don't know who Jay-Z is? I must admit that I am surprised you've never heard of him… even though I detest Beyonce, the pop/hip hop industry and everything it stands for and avoid listening to it at all costs, I still know who the guy is (unfortunately).

    Couldn't hum you one of his bangin' tunes, though. Keep up the good work x

  10. Personally i happen to be appalled that you have never heard of Jayz but then again who cares i have probably never heard of some of your popular favorites…..what i find most interesting is the loving responses your incredibly loyal cirle of friends gave you… that…..thats just cool

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