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While navigating Italy, I discovered a phenomenon. I’ll get lost and request directions of an Italian in English…with an Italian accent. As if he’ll understand, “Spanisha Stepas” more. Where-a should-a I go? I sound like an incompetent American; even worse, I’m in sneakers. Alas, I’m home now, in my high thread-count bed just loving all the anxiety out of my dog. What a little fava bean. All the pics are now finally up… some black and white pics can be found here >>



  1. great shots. when i was in italy i saw the most beautiful snow-capped mountains. but i was on a train and the flash fucked up the picture. i'll never forget, though.

  2. Funny about the Italian-accented English. I've heard this happens to quite a few Americans in Italy.

  3. Stephanie

    Kudos to your photography prowess. I am living your vacation. What camera did you use?

  4. Great photos. You've got quite an eye. As to the "fake" accent, it's not only you, nor is it only Italians. I work with some Spanish folk, and a lot of my co-workers do the exact same thing.

  5. Welcome back! You continued the pattern of great photos. I think most of us wish we could take pictures half as good as you. It looks like you definitely enjoyed the trip.

  6. The pictures are stunning…

    But do you know what the weird thing is? I mean, I have no Italian expertise at all. Never studied it, nothing. BUT. A couple of times when in Italy, I spoke hurried and Italian-accented (in much the same way as your Anglo-Italiano) Spanish, and was understood.

    I mean, I know the languages are close, but…

    Go figure.

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