i can’t dance

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Grind, sure, but dance, no. Anything requiring coordination is an automatic out. People have said I’m Elaine Benes in red. Prior to Sex and the City, I heard Sarah Jessica Parker. Something about my personality… well, I’m pretty sure it comes down to dancing. Sarah Jessica can dance, but in Miami Rhapsody she plays a character who always denies an offer toward the dance floor, “You know I can’t dance. People always think I’m throwing a fit.” Despite the lessons, I can’t do it either. Maybe I just haven’t found the right partner because honestly, any woman can dance so long as her partner is a strong leader.


  1. Maybe you can't dance but you sure sing great and have sooooo many other great qualities. And lastly, this is not a genetic disorder.

  2. Oh. My. God.
    That's just damn cute. I passed a little girl in Grand Central this morning… she was decked out in a pink tutu and the jealousy was nearly crippling.

  3. Steph, you're brave to post the picture. I have ordered my executors to burn all photographs more than six minutes old at the time of my demise. No prisoners!

  4. Much as I hate just being one of the crowd … that is soooooo cuuuuute.

  5. oh my god, i have a million pictures just like that one. 14 years of them in fact. so cute and hideous at the same time.

  6. That is funny. I was talking to a friend today and she said she did the Seinfelf / Elaine dance as well. I wasn't sure what she meant until she described the thumbs out dance Elaine does.
    Too funny. I had never really noticed it, and now it gets called to my attention twice in one day!

  7. Great pic. Those almond-shaped eyes and that smile — instantly recognizable as you, and I don't even know you. (How odd it is to "become acquainted with someone online through a blog, with minimal email exchange, communicating only indirectly).

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