naughty whims

May 26, 2004



Since I can’t own a monkey… yet… I drew this image of "Naughty Betty" with a #2 pencil (Click on the drawing to view it full size). I discovered "Naughty Betty" in the pages of a coffee table book, A Strong Night Wind. She’s an oil painting by Donald Roller Wilson. I’ve always loved monkeys (and been terrified of ducks). And uh, that’s a cigarette in her hand, not a penis. But yeah, okay, it looks like a penis, or what a monkey penis might look like. Monkey penis makes me laugh. It’s rainy out. I needed Naughty Betty today.

Donald Roller Wilson has an affinity for monkeys too. Monkeys, asparagus spears, olives, nipples, matches, polka-dots, cigareetes, and water dropplets. His work is whimsical and quite brilliant.

Now, I’m feeling naughty.

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2 Responses to “naughty whims”

  1. Atticus Says:

    And I thought that I would never see my prom date again.


  2. Ana Says:

    Truly the year of the monkey!


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