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I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. At my isolated desk all day wearing headphones like a headband, I don’t hear the gossip. I listen to Pedro The Lion (you should all download the free MP3 off the site… so damn good), and I wait for our Thursday nights out to get clued in. Welcome to the corner of Gossip and Yenta. Everyone is soused to the gills, and the stories spill over in slurs. Over his Jameson and my Jack Daniels, Chris taught me something interesting.

A Cleveland Steamer: when someone takes a dump on your chest.

A Dirty Sanchez: when an index finger is swiped along or inserted in the ass, then wiped across your partner’s top lip for a lovely whiff… leaving a Mexican moustache… or a “Dirty Sanchez.”

A Jersey Turnpike: a finger up the ass, then inserted in your partner’s mouth. (If you accidentally pick your nose at some point with the abusive finger, it’s called, “Getting off at Newark.”)

A Felcher or Felching: when cum is slurped from an asshole post anal seex (sometimes with a straw).

As slow on the uptake as I am, I’m not polluting my blog with trash talk without an end in sight. Enter Reebok. During the Super Bowl, Reebok aired a commercial featuring Terry Tate, the Office Linebacker, titled “Sensitivity Training.” The commercial includes subtle references to everything foul listed above. Okay, not the Jersey Turnpike. I threw that in for good measure. It’s hysterical of the art directors to call the guy Felcher. The seexy woman headed up the Cleveland Steamer Corporation. They have that dude with the Mustache named Sanchez. They subtly worked in all these dirty references into a commercial aired on NATIONAL TV.. and the CEOs weren’t clever enough to pick up on it. Or were they??? What’s that? Any publicity is good publicity… The commercial isn’t gross; it’s funny in a fart-joke kind of way. You must go watch it.


  1. Terry Tate is my all-time favorite advertising campaign. The Dirty Sanchez is my all-time favorite sex move. Glad I could teach you something.

    One thing though… I didn't know about the Turnpike thing until just now, so I guess you have other teachers…

  2. Here's another one:

    The Rusty Trombone
    When a guy stands up and a girl kneels behind him, giving him a handjob from behind and eating his ass at the same time. Get it!? Rusty Trombone!!!

    OK, now I'm going to go to my therapist and she's going to try to make me not-immature now.

  3. There's a bigger list at [ (what, no links allowed? Hm. Text only at that link, so it's work safe), and if you've done more than one of these (not necessarily you, Steph, but you reading this), then you'll understand if I just stand over here and wave hello.

  4. Lewis Black said Rusty Trombone on the Daily Show the other day, it was hilarious

  5. Many of these were used quite frequently on Opie & Anthony, back when they were on Infinity. That's where Lewis Black got it from. If you want to here some absolutely hilarious radio bits, search for O&A mp3's, many are available on

    One question, wasn't the Sensitivity Training a web only commercial? I'm pretty sure that the only Office Linebacker commercials that aired on TV is the short version of the original and the dig at Nike and the soccer streaker.

  6. I don't know if the reebok is or is not refering to the dirty jokes that you mentioned, but I thought that you should realize that you were incorrect about the facts of the commercial. The lady Geneva Stoler was head of Sanches Steamer Inc. and the dude with the mustache was named Pablo. No references were made to a Jersey Turnpike.

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