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the upsell

In DATING & MATING, MARRIAGE by Stephanie Klein6 Comments

Waiters upselling when it’s not called for: “How about an iced tea to go with that?”  What? “Be sure to save room for dessert. The tiramisu is homemade.” That shit drives Phil crazy. Or, when the …

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love the coopers

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CBS Films invited me to attend a screening of LOVE THE COOPERS in theaters November 13. Please, for the love of cider, say it ain’t so. I had already made a commitment to 20 girls, …

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seriously rude

In MARRIAGE by Stephanie Klein47 Comments

The alarm clock rings and vibrates on my phone. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Okay, we’re up. Lucas is curled beside Phil, and Phil is awake, clicking through messages on his phone. It’s time for Abigail …

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fall cookout food

In SCOUTING by Stephanie Klein4 Comments

Last May, our Girl Scout troop went camping for the first time as a troop. Actually, we went glamping, staying in a troop house, complete with an indoor fireplace, electricity, and a kitchen. This time, …

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I‘m obsessed with films, all of them. Even the bad ones. From them, I learn bad acting, clumsy storytelling, or poor casting. Mainly, I enjoy deconstructing the story. So, I often find myself watching a …

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clothing color capsule

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Aside from black and a touch of gray, these are pretty much the only colors I wear. I know a scant touch of cream, and seriously milky coffee are also missing from this color capsule. …