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middle age joy


Yesterday was my birthday. Reflection can’t be escaped, calculating what age is officially “Middle Aged.” People live longer these days. My grandmother just passed away, two weeks shy of her …

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Netflix Introduces Kids to The Beatles with ‘Beat Bugs’ (GIVEAWAY)

In MUSIC, NETFLIX by Stephanie Klein4 Comments

It’s not, you know. Love isn’t all you need. Sorry. The Beatles are liars. Still, ‘All You Need Is Love’ is the title of a Beatles song that was meant to …

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Japanese Beauty + Skincare Products

In JAPAN, PREENING by Stephanie Klein7 Comments

You go to Japan looking for beauty products, and you’re guaranteed to leave sheetfaced. They’re all about the treatment masks. Brightening, firming, plumping. Placenta, snake venom, bee venom. Snail essence. …

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Seeing Red: East Williston School District Has Enraged Current and Former Students and Faculty

In JUDY BLUME MOMENTS by Stephanie Klein

I went back to high school today. No, I didn’t eat my feelings or have a three-way phone call. I physically returned to attend the hearing of a beloved teacher …

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Why we say yes to lunch, even if we don’t eat it

In FRIENDSHIP, INTROSPECTION by Stephanie Klein6 Comments

For a long time, if you looked at the buckets of my life—health, wealth, romantic love, career, personal space, family and friendships, parenting, volunteerism, and spirituality—friendships ranked pretty high. That …