July 29, 2015

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It was the first night I slept alone in our new house. We moved recently. The kids are in the same school district but will attend a new elementary school. On Monday night, Phil’s parents took the kids, and after visiting Phil, I returned to an empty house, in a new neighborhood. I bolted the […]

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July 29, 2015


Inside look

We’re now in the Stroke Unit. Phil has successfully sat up in a chair, walked and negotiated some stairs. He tripped up some on the stairs but instinctively grabbed for the rail, which is what they look for–that you know how to help yourself. Today he has another procedure. They’ll be putting him under to […]

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July 28, 2015


wiggle your toes

Phil couldn’t wiggle his toes. The entire right side of his body was immobilized. He had no peripheral vision in his right eye. When the doctors lifted his arm in the air, he was unable to hold it there. He had absolutely no feelings or control, couldn’t move any part of his right side. When […]

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July 27, 2015


If you need anything

Phil is having a severe stroke. He cannot move the right side of his body at all. Not his eyelids. “If you need anything, please let me know.” I wish I was a better delegator. I wish I could tell someone. I need someone to take the kids to camp, pick them up for lunch, […]

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July 21, 2015

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guest dressing, a summer wedding

Oh, the hell. I know people read books and pin quotes of inspiration about loving ourselves, as we are, because let’s face it, hating ourselves hasn’t served us well all these years. So, fine. I love myself and my sexy curves, but I hate shopping for clothes who haven’t gotten the memo.

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July 15, 2015




 A mama cat was on our back deck this morning, with five kittens orbiting her like an atom. I called Abigail, so she could join me in the kitchen to watch. She wants to be a singing veterinarian when she grows up. We pressed ourselves to the sliding glass doors, as the mama cat turned […]

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June 16, 2015


moving on, school edition

Clothing Purge

No, I’m not moving on from this blog, though I’ve definitely been on vacation. After the first week of July, I’ve committed to daily visits to the library to work on my next book proposal. I sometimes hit a wall in my writing, unsure of where to go with a sentence or a complete structure. […]

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June 8, 2015


whole 30: thank heaven for little girls + ghee

Whole30 Cookbook

For 34 days, I went Whole 30. The whole 9 yards, no cheating, reading every single label of every bit of food I ate. Whole30? It’s the #1 Best Seller in Weight Loss Recipes on Amazon. The authors tell you not to begin with the “not’s” when explaining the “elimination eating plan” (lest you call […]

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