Ink Bleed Crazy

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from Instagram: The other week I ate handfuls of Belgium chocolate almost without noticing. It wasn’t mindless or accidental. It was deliberate and avoidable, but I chose to do …

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Orange Dreams

In PREENING by Stephanie Klein1 Comment

I’m obsessed. There will be some type of happiness study done some time down the road, and they will discover that scent can trigger lasting happiness. Because when I smell …

Protective plans

In MY LISTS by Stephanie Klein1 Comment

Today I bought a pillow. I returned a CC cream, a lipstick, and a makeup primer. Primers are a scam. I found a new perfume that reminds me of an …

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Shit Blizzard

In INTROSPECTION by Stephanie Klein2 Comments

I have a memory similar to today’s shit story (the memory was recorded here). Both involve dogs and white carpeting and the ever popular ‘rhea. Today we awoke to a …

The Ancestry of New York

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As a way of not eating my feelings, I sometimes look to non-food distractions or hobbies to occupy my evenings. I’d like to say that I climb into bed and …